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How to Train Your Dragon: How to Break a Dragon's Heart : Book 8

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Read the HILARIOUS books that inspired the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON films! Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is a smallish Viking with a longish name. Hiccup's father is chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe which means Hiccup is the Hope and the Heir to the Hairy Hooligan throne - but most of the time Hiccup feels like a very ordinary boy, finding it hard to be a Hero. Whilst searching for his lost friend Camicazi, Hiccup and the Hooligan Tribe have ended up on Uglithug Island. Now UG, the most brutal King in the World, sets Hiccup the Impossible Task. He must venture to the Isle of Berserk to pass his test or DIE trying. And all while being hunted down by an old enemy with a dark secret about the Lost Throne... Can Hiccup find Camicazi, and succeed in his task?

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Penulis Cressida Cowell
Penerbit Hachette Children's Group
Format Softcover
Bahasa Inggris
Tanggal Terbit 15-Jan-15
Jumlah Halaman 320
Harga Promo Rp218.400,00